Sign-Up Page Launched By Instagram For Android Users

Android users have been eagerly anticipating the launch of an Instagram app for Android. So far, the app has been available to the iOS users but Android users haven’t been able to lay their hands on it. However, it would seem that this would change soon as Instagram has launched a sign-up page where Android users can sign up to be among the first to be notified as soon as an Instagram for Android is here.

The company hasn’t given any definite date as to when the app will be actually launched. But I guess that explains the sign-up page and keeps things exciting. Instagram has been one of the most wildly popular photo-sharing apps. Although there are a whole lot of other alternatives which Android users can opt for, they rather seem to eagerly wait for Instagram to land on Android.

One of the reasons why most of the alternatives don’t win when compared to Instagram is because it is extremely easy to use and is rather, fun. Like playing a game, you have fun and while doing so, you are able to create artistic photographs. Moreover, the app has been optimized for different social media networks, so you are able to send your photos to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites within seconds.

The app is by no means very advanced or offers any too extra-ordinary features. Rather, it makes things equal for everyone by offering the same features to everyone.

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