Skype For Android Get Updated

Skype for Android is now updated, it’s brings ability to run SD and Samsung Galaxy S compatibility.This update upport for installing the app directly to your the phone’s SD card and now work properly on Samsung Galaxy S phones that are running Android 2.2 or later…….

Skype for Android now works on Samsung Galaxy S and can be stored on SD card.The biggest change in the new software is its ability to run from a microSD card rather than the phone’s internal memory.Skype says some data will still be stored in the phone’s local memory, but allowing the app to run from a microSD card means users can free up space on their device for other apps/content. The update also makes Skype compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy S line of Android phones. Both of these changes require Android 2.2 and up in order to work properly. The latest version of Skype is a free download from the Android Market or by scanning the QR code, below.

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  1. Jadoontahir

     When will Video calling is available for Galaxy tabs?

  2. Rodger

    What bull shite!, Skype Video and android will never happen, especially now Skype has been bought out by GOOGLE ANDROID OPOSITION, WINDOWS!
    So forget SKYPE VIDEO on ANDROID!
    As for GOOGLE!  F..King queer wankers have google video chat in the us only, your got to be joking right? they should be dropped on their putred heads, and the rest of the world should steer clear of ANDROID, then they can play with each other in their own F..KED up cuntry they call USA

  3. Brendan

    I have the latest and greatest smartphone (Galaxy S2), and the latest Gingerbread Android, so why doesn’t Skype work with speakerphone?

    I cannot find an option to enable it in the app. Is this Skype app some kind of joke?

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