Support For 4K Resolution Found In Android 4.3 Source Code

Android currently offers support for a wide range of display resolutions, letting developers run their apps on both low-resolution as well as high-resolution displays. Now, it has been found that the source code of Android 4.3 supports the ultra-high 4K resolution.

Android 4.3

Typically, the mobile OS is loaded with support for a whole range of pixel densities. This includes support for 120PPI, meant for low-resolutions displays as well as for 480PPI, which is typically used in high-resolution displays.

The source code of Android 4.3 has been out there for a while now. Developers have been scouring through it to find hints of any new features that Google may offer through it. And now, it has been found out that Android 4.3 includes support for a higher pixel density, 640PPI to be exact. Such pixel density typically corresponds to 4K resolution displays.

This revelation also hints that in the coming days, we may be able to see Android run on higher-resolution displays, such as LCDs and TVs. Utilizing a 4K resolution on a smartphone may not be a good enough idea, but Google certainly has plans of breaking into the entertainment industry, as is manifest in the release of Chromecast recently. And when the search giant does so, an OS supporting 4K resolution will come in handy for any new product releases.

Courtesy: Engadget

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