SwiftKey X Virtual Keyboard For Android

The ability to add a different keyboard to your Android tablet is about to be a godsend for some with the launch of the new SwiftKey Tablet X keyboard and the new keyboard from SwiftKey brings forth a new typing experience that has a lot of positives for an Android tablet. ouchType Ltd. drew on the combined linguistic intelligence of the entire online universe and SwiftKey uses machine learning techniques to adapt itself to your own peculiar linguistic quirks. SwiftKey X will be available in the Android Market for $3.99 SwiftKey Tablet X will cost $4.99, both will be available for $1.99 on Thursday only………….


TouchType Inc. announced the availability of SwiftKey X for smartphones and SwiftKey Tablet X, two new intuitive Android keyboard apps. The launch builds on the company’s success with its original Android keyboard app SwiftKey, which debuted one year ago and has since enjoyed more than 1.5 million downloads. Among the key advances in both smartphone and tablet apps are:

  • Fluency 2.0 language inference engine: the latest evolution in artificial intelligence-driven text entry. Fluency 2.0 uses machine learning to predict and correct by observing how a user composes text and then predicts what they will likely type next.
  • Cloud Learning using Gmail, Twitter and Facebook: TouchType’s cloud-based personalization service learns from a user’s message history to offer a customYfit prediction and correction experience never seen before on mobile or tablet.
  • Integration of Touch Interaction Modeling: a technology that conducts real-time analysis of the user’s touchscreen typing precision to improve word accuracy and predictions.


In addition, SwiftKey Tablet X incorporates an innovative split key layout for thumb typing on the larger touchscreen tablet form factor. The concept, developed by TouchType ahead of a showcase at Google Honeycomb launch in February, has already been recognized for its innovative approach with a CTIA Emerging Technology award. “Our new apps for smartphone and tablet give consumers direct access to the world’s most advanced language technology of its kind,” said Jon Reynolds, cofounder and CEO, TouchType Inc. “We’ve built SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X closely with our very passionate community of users over the last six months to offer an unrivaled touchscreen typing experience. Finally, we’re excited to offer it to the market as a whole.” SwiftKey X supports all Android 2.X smartphones and retails at $3.99. SwiftKey Tablet X supports all Android 2.X/3.X tablets and retails at $4.99. Both apps are available via the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. To commemorate the first anniversary of SwiftKey‘s beta launch, TouchType will offer a 48-hour promotion of the SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X for $1.99 each. Among the wide range of new features coming to both smartphone and tablet applications, notable additions include:

  • Keyboard themes and new customizations for both apps;
  • Options to choose from more than 20 languages;
  • Flexibility to enable users to type in up to three languages at once, with auto-correction that is language-aware;
  • Improved settings and installer user interface.


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