The LG-Google Nexus 4 Android Smartphone Saga

This week, Apple has unveiled its iPad Mini tablet PC and Microsoft has officially released Windows 8 OS and systems. Who’s next? Google, with its Android event scheduled on October 29. And, the stars of the event are most likely to be Nexus 4 and Android 4.2.

What do we know about Nexus 4 or Android 4.2 so far? While Android 4.2 is expected to be a minor update from the Jelly Bean, Nexus 4 is an all new smartphone from Google. We have already seen some leaks of Nexus 4 images and review. Some other additions on the rumor rail are – a leaked listing of Nexus 4 by a UK retailer showing images and specs, a leaked image showing a picture taken from Nexus 4, and some leaked images of the phone itself found in a bar.

The listing of LG-Google Nexus 4 in a UK retail site made waves on tech blogs two days ago. You can see the screenshot of the listing by Carphone Warehouse below.

Carphone Warehouse Nexus 4

The case of leaked photo taken by a Nexus 4 Android phone was a bit old compared to the first one. The photo shows an office setting and shared on Google+. The metadata reveals that the photo was taken through a Nexus 4’s built-in main camera.

Nexus 4 picture

The latest leak of some images of the phone itself is a saga. A Nexus 4 phone was left behind by a Google employee at San Francisco Mission District 500 Club. The phone was later found by a bartender and passed onto a regular named Dave who tried to return the phone to Google. After hearing from Dave, a Google ‘cop’ was dispatched to retrieve the phone. The pursuit resulted in a “wild goose chase” and the firing of a Google employee. The phone was ultimately returned to Google through the Police. But, some images, taken in the meantime, were leaked too.

Nexus 4-001
Nexus 4-002
Nexus 4-003
Nexus 4-004

But, consumers won’t have to resort to just rumors and leaked images for long. Just two days from now, Google is expected to unveil Nexus 4 in an Android event at New York City.

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