Use AntiPaper to Take Notes on Your Android Tablet

Today’s tablets and their wide screens have made it possible for users to make their own little notes on the device’s display, like writing on a piece of paper. Meet Antipaper 2.0 – an excellent application dedicated to Android tablets – who lets you take notes like in a real agenda. This might seem like an attempt to try and diminish paper consumption that can furthermore influence the reduction of forest destruction. It’s definitely a green and useful idea.

The Antipaper 3.0 interface is optimized for an excellent Honeycomb experience. Users can add to their notes pictures and can also send them through email. The app is very easy to use, because the editing options and navigation buttons are available at the top of the screen.

When users view the home screen of the application, they will find all the notes (notebooks) are arranged in a grid. There’s the option of re-naming a notebook by long pressing on one, deleting it or sending it further on. To open a new note, just tap the “New notebook” icon. Pretty easy so far, right?

Tapping on the Menu option will reveal a whole list of advanced settings like page editing, sharing, zooming options and page patterns. And because you actually use a stylus to write the notes with your own hand, there’s also an option to choose from different styles and colors. Pen styles include for example: regular pen, highlighter and of course eraser mode. The app enables you to change paper pattern, even while writing or zoom in a page for a more accurate viewing/writing.

Antipaper Notes is available for purchase from the Android Market however there are a bunch of different versions, who offer different features. The Pro version of the application offers the wider range of possibilities. You just have to pay a meager $5.46 to get it.


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