Windows UI For Android

Ixonos showcases an innovative Android solution with inspiring user experience at Mobile World Congress 2011 and shown off a new app that allows for a fully desktop-style interface on a standard Android 2.x tablet…….

Ixonos showcases its broad Android capabilities at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 14-17 February 2011.Ixonos demonstrates an innovative Android-based multi-window solution which runs on various popular hardware platforms. The solution is demonstrated on a tablet developed by Aava Mobile as a multi-window system which enables the use of several applications simultaneously for example the viewing of messages and calendar side by side.Ixonos has also made the multitasking user experience available on a dual-screen configuration. This takes multitasking use cases even further by enabling the device to be used like a laptop, with a touch pad QWERTY keyboard below the second activity window or as a highly-advanced two-screen tablet where both screens are used either for different activities or the activity is expanded across both screens.The multitasking solution has been developed at Ixonos Android Competence Centres in Europe, demonstrating Ixonos’ deep know-how of Android components and modules.

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