ASUS Matrix GTX 580 And MARS II Desktop PCI Express Cards

Asus is going to show Matrix GTX 580 And MARS II Desktop PCI Express Cards next week at Computex 2011, it appears that there will be some novelties in the graphics card department as well the new dual-GPU Mars II limited edition card and the Matrix GTX 580. The MARS II and Matrix GTX 580 , and you might have to buy a new case just squeeze these unwieldy pixel-pushers inside. The Matrix will come in two flavors standard and Platinum both with 1.5GB of RAM and an enormous dual-fan cooling solution that eats up a jaw-dropping three PCI slots. But, hey, it should afford you some serious overclocking headroom.

The leaked specs suggest the new Mars II card will feature a 19-phase VRM with Super Alloy Power technology, new GPU Tweak overclocking UI and “an exclusive DirectCU cooling” with dual fan design that should keep the two GF110 GPUs running cool. The precise clocks for this one haven’t been revealed but we are quite sure that Asus is holding back in order to keep some exclusivity for the Computex show.

A bit less exclusive, but equally as interesting is the upcoming Matrix GTX 580, creme of the crop when it comes to GTX 580 GPU from Asus. This one will be available in two versions, one at reference clocks and one with factory overclocking and will also feature a 19-phase VRM and a triple-slot, dual-fan DirectCU II cooler. As you would expect from a card designed for overclocking, it comes with voltage read points, Super Alloy components athe same new GPU Tweak overclocking UI.

The specs for the Matrix GTX 580 include 512 CUDA cores, a GF110 GPU clocked at either 782MHz for the standard version or 816MHz for the Platinum, 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4008MHz and paired up with a 384-bit memory interface.
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