Samsung Considers Developing Android-Based Digital Camera

The folks at the well-known tech website, Engadget had a chance to sit down with Samsung officials at at its headquarters and talk with its research and development team. The discussion was about digital imaging and while at it, it was revealed that Samsung is ‘considering’ the possibility of a camera operating system which would be based in Android – kind of an ‘open’ camera operating system.

Samsung has been close to the Android platform, given the fact that its smartphones have been tooling the open mobile OS from Google. For that reason, it is only natural to deduce that the R & D fellows at Samsung have a good hang of Android and so, developing a camera OS out of it wouldn’t be too hard a job for them.

We also need to look at the significance of an Android-based camera operating system. Would it change anything for digital cameras? In a way, it can be a revolutionary change in the realm of digital cameras. That is because it will ‘open’ up the camera OS, letting third-party developers contribute to it and turning it into an altogether new ecosystem. For instance, third-party apps can enable you to shoot and post your images right away to your social networks. You may be able to take notes and add text to your images through a touchscreen. This and lots of other possibilities may become real when the camera OS becomes open to third-party developers. It will be a similar revolution as was witnessed when smartphone vendors opened their app markets to third-party developers.

However, all this and the many linked possibilities are just speculation since Samsung has reiterated that it is only ‘considering’ such an operating system at this point and hasn’t officially decided to go for it yet.

Image courtesy liewcf.

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