CES 2011: All The Rumors So Far

The biggest consumer electronics product show CES is going to be held on January 6-9th in Las Vegas. All the gadget freaks are looking forward for the next episode of the event. Already some speculations & rumors are going on. Here are some few predictions are listed below.

1. New Dell Tablet 7 inch showed up on FCC and according to some sources online it is rumored that it’s coming to T-Mobile/ATT. This might be possible 7 inch tablet with Tegra 2 (Dual Core) Processor.

2. Next is CDMA iPhone which you will be able to use it on Verizon Network with Skype Video calling feature. It’s quite unbelievable. It’s not the way Apple represents their future devices.

3. Samsung Galaxy Player should appear at CES which is basically Samsung Galaxy S without calling features just like iPod Touch.

4. Samsung SH100 should be also shown at CES 2011 and I am really not sure whets the whole fuss about it. Its just a digital camera with maybe few extra features from digital cameras that you can already buy at stores today. But then again, CES can be full of surprises and hope that SH100 will have one too. What about 3D LCD?

5. Skype new features might be the biggest thing that will happen at CES. Now that Android 2.3 with more video capability is out, you might be able to Video chat with your friends on Skype via Nexus S or even iPhone 4?

What do you think? Just comment in the post. Don’t miss the show & of course, keep in touch with TheTechJournal. We will bring you the latest news & coming gadgets in CES 2011 with fully loaded coverage.

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