LG Declared WCD-800 Wireless Charger

LG has just declared their latest wireless charger, WCD-800 at MWC in Barcelona. You are able to finish any work when your Smartphone is charging by the normal charger but wireless charger gives you more freedom. Unfortunately most wireless chargers are unable to do much with the device while it charges.

LG WCD-800 Wireless Charger

This cradle wireless charger allowing the user to make phone calls, to make video calls, surf the web, view movies or images, even send texts/reply. When users in order to charge Smartphone, then they will simply have to place phones on the 75.8mm wide cradle which is indeed double the size of LG’s previous wireless charger, WCP-700.

Unfortunately LG has not declared the price of the wireless charger but LG will be launching the WCD-800 in Korea first, North America in the first half of 2012.

Source: Ubergizmo

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