Coloud Colors Headphone

Coloud Colors headphones has released.It consists of no less than 7 uniformly colored headphones, each single model featuring a different color, in order to match the preferences and style of as many users as possible.The Eve-clan can choose from seven uniformly hued headphones that include red, black, purple, white, green, blue, and pink. These vast seas of colors lets users pick their desired hue while enabling them to mix and match the headphones with their wardrobe. The delectable product further enters the market packed with a microphone/remote. This allows girls to groove to all their favorite music by pairing the headset to their iPhone, Blackberry, and HTC mobile phones through a 3.5mm standard plug.

The C22M model comes complete with a microphone/remote function for picking up calls without having to take off the headphones while receiving an incoming call. The offerings can be easily paired with any music or media player that is packed with foot-tapping tunes. The company endows its products with a rich and trendy design, quality and function for an extended media experience.

Users can now pick up their piece for $35 through Coloud retailers and the official Coloud website.


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