Apple Job Posting Hints Inclusion Of AMD Graphics In Upcoming iMacs

Apple has been fairly fickle when it comes to choosing the vendor for the graphics cards that go into its iMac machines. For a long time, it used Intel chips to do the job. It then switched to Nvidia’s graphical prowess and now, hints suggest that it may be planning to switch to AMD’s silicon.

AMD Graphics

These fresh hints are manifest in a new job posting that has been rolled out on Apple’s official website. The posting seeks such individuals who are electrical engineers and have experience in working with Intel chips and ‘AMD and/or Nvidia GPUs.’

The person would be required to work for the Mac Desktop Systems Engineering Team at Apple. Given the kind of qualifications that Apple is seeking out, it is not very far-fetched to speculate that the company may indeed be gearing up for the much-rumored switch to AMD’s graphics.

Currently, Apple makes use of Nvidia’s graphics cards in its iMac machines. The relations between the two companies have been really good and Apple has been using Nvidia’s chips in its MacBook laptops too. So could the tech titan consider a move away from Nvidia despite such a close partnership with the company?

Also, AMD hasn’t exactly shown a lot of promise of late. Whereas Nvidia has successfully won many critics by dishing out new chip architecture and proving that it is ready for the future, AMD has been running into a lot of troubles. In light of all that, there seems little chance of Apple making the critical switch to AMD any time soon.

Source: Apple

Courtesy: ZDNet

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