ASUS Brings Z87-Deluxe/Dual Haswell Motherboard With NFC Express

ASUS‘ new Z87 mobo series is the first Intel 8 series-based motherboard. The motherboard is certified for Intel’s Haswell chips, shipping with including two Thunderbolt ports, on-board 802.11ac WiFi support and the bundle comes with Asus NFC Express.


Based on “4-Way Optimization” communication technology along with NFC Express accessory, ASUS enables instant pairing with Android smart devices and the included NFC tag through simply touching the sensor box. It’s not just your standard USB-connected NFC reader and writer, users can transfer contents such as photos, videos etc automatically from smart devices to desktop PCs just by tapping. With the NFC, users can also have back up of their contents that they have added to their Android devices since last syncing with a desktop PC.

The NFC Express tag is included, but to enable automatic transfer, users will need some of the functions like quick-pairing in ASUS‘ Wi-Fi GO, utility for remote desktopping with your smartphone. The motherboard’s NFC Express has been simplified for Windows 8 access and interaction become available to a wider user audience. And if by any chance, users don’t have any NFC supported devices to transfer data, they need not worry as they’ll be able to transfer data at up to ten times faster with two USB 3.0 portsĀ  than USB 2.0.

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