Intel Starts Shipping Quad-Core Haswell Processors

Intel’s Haswell line-up, which had been anticipated for quite some time now, has made a lot of headlines recently. The company has finally started shipping the quad-core variants of the Haswell chips. These quad-core processors are primarily meant to be included in laptops and desktop PCs.


The reason why virtually the entire tech world had been waiting for Haswell chips is simply that Intel has made rather tall claims about its new chip line-up. The company has claimed that the new Haswell processors will be able to provide up to 50% better battery life while also delivering 3X graphics performance as compared to the Ivy Bridge chips.

The Haswell chips that Intel has unveiled and started shipping this Saturday include five Core i7 chips, meant for mainstream laptops. Another 12 core i5 and i7 processors are also a part of this initial batch, and these will be included in desktop PCs.

However, this is only the warm-up batch of Intel’s new offerings. The company’s chief focus seems to be the mobile market right now. And to that end, Intel will be releasing another batch of dual-core processors which will be meant for laptops and hybrids. The company is expected to announce these chips on June 4 in Taiwan.

The new processors under the Haswell line-up are certainly a huge step forth for Intel. Not only do these chips offer a lot better graphics performance, they also weigh lightly on the battery life, and promise faster applications. It remains to be seen how successful Intel will be in enticing tablet vendors into using these chips.

Courtesy: Computer World

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  1. Tsais

    Lets see if Intel’s promises are kept.
    Their track record not outright bad, but somewhat spotty…

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