Kinect For Windows V2 Will Arrive This Summer

We have been hearing about Kinect for Windows v2 sensor for some time and now, Microsoft has confirmed the hardware at the BUILD 2014 conference.

Kinect for Windows

Microsoft is planning to role out the Kinect v2 sensor as well as its SDK later in summer of this year. The availability of v2’s development kit will be very welcome for the developers community. This would essentially mean that they will be able to create Windows Store apps which can make use of the Kinect hardware.┬áIn other words, it opens up endless new possibilities for developers of Windows Store apps.

Microsoft has long been nagged by the developer community to roll out such functionality and thankfully, it is finally arriving. This is in sync with Microsoft’s recent evolution which is marked by the company’s increasingly open interaction and collaboration with the developer community.

Kinect v2 will naturally feature superior technology, new features and a significantly better performance. According to reports, the new hardware will bring significant improvements in field of view, depth perception, video definition, skeletal tracking and color fidelity. This is sure to further perfect the voice and gesture recognition of the hardware, allowing the users to enjoy better precision and a smoother experience overall.

Another great feature of the upcoming v2 is that it will be shipped with 1080p HD video. Together with these improvements and the SDK accessibility for the developers, Microsoft may be able to seriously ramp up its Kinect sales.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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