PC Sales Plummet Further, HP Goes Back To Windows 7

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, it hoped that the new interface and design philosophy will woo the Windows users. That didn’t happen and now, HP has again started shipping PCs with Windows 7, citing their popular demand.

HP Windows 7 PCs

HP had stopped active sales of Windows 7 PCs and had moved on to focus on Windows 8 machines. Although the company kept pushing the new OS for a while, that didn’t exactly take off. So now, HP has relaunched the Windows 7 machines, not failing to mention in the accompanying ads: ‘Windows 7 – back by popular demand.’

Naturally, this is a clear hint that Windows 8 is not doing great. In fact, while PC sales have been declining for years, some have cited that Windows 8 has sharpened the trend by putting the PC industry in an even greater decline. Microsoft needs to rescue itself and the PC industry soon or Windows may lose a huge user base.

On the other hand, Google is massively pushing its Chromebook machines which are fast becoming a major success in the PC arena. Highly affordable, very sleek, light-weight and packing stunning looks, these machines may be web-centric but they seem to be catching on, becoming best-selling PCs with retailers during the holiday season.

It seems highly probable that Google has plans of reaching out to the hard-core PC users and to that end, the search giant may dish out even more affordable Chromebooks with more offline functionality. As far as Windows 8 goes, its fate pretty much depends on the expected launch of Windows 9 by Microsoft.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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