iBuyPower game playable through multitouch

Custom PC maker iBuyPower recently made itself heard, again, when it showed off its NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround gaming solution. Still, it appears that the custom PC maker is bent on increasing the appeal of its machines, especially those with multi-touch capabilities. Basically, the company has developed a software application that claims to grant…..

iBuyPower finished work on a certain program called MAGIC, an application which claims to allow all games to recognize touch and multi-touch inputs. This is possible because the program links multi-touch gestures to commands that the game itself already understands. Essentially, it emulates them by mapping keystrokes and mouse clicks.

There’s been a lot of talk about different interfaces for playing games. One of them is something that you can get right now; the ability to touch a screen to manipulate units, give commands and more. Now gaming PC maker iBUYPOWER has created a special software tool that, if you have the right hardware, will allow you to turn any game into one that supports touch screen manipulation.

Multitouch Advanced Gaming Interface and Control (MAGIC). It’s iBUYPOWER’s proprietary multitouch software, which was specifically designed to work in conjunction with iBUYPOWER’s multitouch gaming notebooks. The idea is that if you install this software on your multitouch notebook, you’ll be able to play any game with the technology. Which, as you’d expect, means that the games open a lot of new doors for the experience.

Specific gestures, such as Tap, Pan, Drag, Rotate and 2 Finger Tap can be assigned to in-game operations, even set up in customizable profiles. Such features, the company hopes, will enhance the gaming experience through better interactivity and, consequently, will boost the appeal of its touch-enabled systems.

Multi touch is one of the fastest growing PC gaming interfaces,” said Darren Su, Executive Vice President of iBuyPower. “Our motivation behind creating the Multi-touch Advanced Gaming Interface and Control – MAGIC – is to instantly expand compatibility of multi-touch interfaces to nearly every application you can imagine.

So, you just sprung for a multitouch-enabled Battalion CZ-11, eh? Too bad there’s hardly any software out there for you to take advantage of. Er, was out there. iBuyPower — a company most often associated with new hardware — has just flexed its software muscle by creating a new system that will enable any game to played via multitouch, regardless of whether the game’s creators gave it so much as a thought. Magic, which is short for Multitouch Advanced Gaming Interface and Control, is a proprietary piece of code designed specifically for the company’s own touch-enabled laptops, and it works by linking a multitouch gesture to a command the game already understands, emulating multitouch commands by mapping keystrokes or mouse clicks.

The software, called MAGIC, allows players to create profiles for each game and then play them with any multi-touch supported monitor or laptop. The software can be downloaded for free at the iBUYPOWER web site. It does require Windows 7 and of course you have to have a multi-touch product for it to work (which, not so oddly, iBUYPOWER sells). You can check out a video of the software being used to play a game of Supreme Commander 2 after the jump.

It works by allowing MAGIC to link a multitouch gesture to a specific command. You’ll be emulating mouse-clicks and keyboard strokes just by a simple gesture with this software, which should make plenty of gamers out there happy with the options. Plus, just doing a few strokes with your finger, as opposed to clicking a key, may not be the quickest implementation, but at least it’s awesome to watch and do.

Best of all, it’s available now as a gratis download, and we have little doubt that the hackers in attendance will have this working on Dells, Alienwares, Lenovos and HPs before you can spin around twice and add another smudge mark to your LCD.

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