300,000 DNSChanger Malware Infected Computers Will No Longer Be Able To Access Internet From Monday

DNSChanger malware is a malware that has been around for many years, roughly since 2007. It had been created by six Estonian people and had been used to automatically redirect the traffic of affected computers to different websites with paid advertisements. Although the creators of the trojan have been arrested, the malware continues to take its toll on computers.

The reach of the DNSChanger malware has been enormous and although FBI has taken down such domains which have been affected by it, there is a huge possibility that vast numbers of computers will no longer be able to access internet from Monday onwards due to the malware.

Ever since FBI arrested the creators of this trojan eight months ago, the agency has been warning internet users against it and has been urging them to safeguard their machines against it. However, there is a chance that a lot of users still haven’t taken the needed measures to fend off the malware.

The result of this is that it is being expected that on Monday, some 300,000 PCs and Macs will no longer be able to access internet. If you wish to know that whether or not your machine is one of these, head straight to this check tool. If you see a red screen, this would mean that you computer is at imminent risk of being blocked from the internet. However, if the screen is green, this means that your computer is secured and safe from the malware.

Source: DCWG

Courtesy: Mashable


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