Israeli Hacker Published 100,000 Stolen Email Accounts Password Of Arabs In Pastebin

The everlasting war between Israel and the Arabic nations seems to have moved online. An Israeli hacker who calls himself Hannibal has just posted another bucket made up of thousands of Facebook email addresses and passwords, all belonging to Arabs. If you feel you might be one of the victims we advise you go change your password right now!

To boast his victory, Hannibal used Pastebin, a simple service that allows just about everyone to upload text for public viewing. A while back Hannibal posted another list of 85,000 accounts and emails snatched from “helpless Arabs” and again posted them on Pastebin. Here’s a part of his rather childish announcement:

“Hello, this is known as a hacker Hannibal keeps the state of Israel. I published until now hundreds of thousands of emails and Facebook accounts of Arabs .. Today I published another 100,000 accounts of Arabs. I post this 100k accounts list because I want show them my huge strength. The Arabs should learn a lesson and know not to mess with me. Jewish people named me as the general of Israel’s hackers.
I have about 30 million email accounts, 10 million bank accounts, 4 million credit cards of Arabs from all over the world”

All this feud began in January when hacker OxOmar claiming membership in the Saudi hacking band wagon Group XP, boasted online that the has leaked the banking details of 400,00 Israelis.


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