Download Chrome 12 for Mac OS X

Dev team member Jason Kersey announces the release of Google Chrome 12.0.742.0, a new developer-centric version of the open source web browser. Google also announced that by “the summer” hardware partners would be releasing devices of their own running Chrome OS, making CR-48 owners a massive test bed for Chrome OS until it was production ready.

The newest ones (10.0.648.205 Stable and 11.0.696.50 Beta) focus on fixing security bugs, and some issues that prevented the Adobe Flash plug-in to load until the tab got activated.

Many of the UI elements, such as the USB device communication, had received completely new language and icons that gave the entire experience a much more polished and far less technical experience. Now, when you connect a USB device, the popup you are presented with explains what’s happening and it looks like it belongs as part of ChromeOS, not just a Chrome event notification. Additionally, the stability of individual apps, such as TweetDeck have improved greatly where previously a reset would have been required if the app had malfunctioned or froze.

Download Google Chrome for Mac OS X (Free).


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