Endless Fun With Siri: Find Out About Flights Overhead

Apple Siri has apparently become synonymous to fun. Endless fun. From developers to common users, everyone is discovering something new about Siri, be that a way of making Siri communicate with a non-Apple server or using the technology to start the engine of the car. In the latest fun-discovery regarding Siri, you can now learn about what flights are flying over your head on run-time.

The flight-tracking actually is done through the Wolfram-Alpha’s flight-tracking system. So how do you make Siri determine the flights above your head through Wolfram-Alpha?

Ask the right question:
As it is, you need to ask Siri the right question if you want the right answer. For instance, if you ask Siri ‘What flights are overhead?”, Siri simply says that it can’t answer the question. However, modify the question a little bit and things may change. For instance, if you now ask Siri “Ask Wolfram what flights are overhead?”, Siri is quick to respond to this query by retrieving the required data from Wolfram and displaying it, as a chart, showing flights overhead, airline name, the number of the flights and the angel at which the plane is with respect to you. Admittedly, it is wicked cool!

The fun doesn’t end here. You can also ask Siri to display the data in graphical form and it gives you a cool 3-D map of the flights overhead. Be sure you ask the Siri the right question and utter your question clearly because in some cases, rather than displaying the flight-tracking results, Siri rather attempts to ask someone in your contact list about it, through a message.

Image courtesy vasile23.
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