Google Introduces Chrome 17 Beta With Better Speed And Security

Google’s web browser, Chrome, has been steadily climbing the ladder of fame and mass acceptance. It has ousted Mozilla as the second most-used web browser globally and is already contending Internet Explorer for the top spot. Speed and security are definitely the keys to it’s success. And now Google has released Chrome 17 beta, a new version which comes with better security and much more page-loading speed. It is available for download as a beta version.

One of the major features in this new version is that while you are typing a URL in the URL bar, it automatically starts loading the background. The browser gauges what page you are about to open and loads it even before you hit the enter button. And so, when you hit enter, the page loads like a bolt of flash! It definitely speeds up browsing greatly and enhances the speed of page loading. Compared to the earlier version, this version will be uploading pages many times faster.

In terms of security too, Google has improved Chrome a lot. It has added an extension to the Safe Browsing technology used in Chrome which monitors and checks any malicious downloads and warns the user about them. The latest update is that not only will Chrome warn you if you are about to download a malicious file, it will also warn you about it if the file, although safe, is from a website which has a record of keeping malicious files. This will greatly help the user stay away from such websites which initially prompt the user to download a clean software and then, later, after gaining his interest, persuade him to download a malicious file.

Google has also fixed a number of bugs in the earlier version, Chrome 16 stable. The news version is safe against three major security holes which were present in it before this update.

You can download the latest version, Chrome 17 Beta here. And the details of the updates done on Chrome 16 stable can be found here on the official Chrome blog.

Image courtesy KitFoxInk.

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