Google Readies Better Parental Controls In Chrome

Google team is working on a new feature for Chrome, namely the ‘supervised user’ account. This new feature offers an excellent set of parental controls for such users who wish to share their Chromebook machines with their kids.

Chrome Supervised user

In announcing this new feature, Google has been quick to remind us that with this addition, Chromebook is an excellent option for your kids. Naturally, Chromebooks are really cheap when compared to other laptops. Until now, the Chromebook machines lacked the rudimentary parental controls, which is precisely why they have been chosen by professionals but rarely ever for family use.

With this new feature, Google hopes to make Chromebook a family machine. For instance, if you wish to share your Chromebook with your son, you can add him as a ‘supervised user.’ This means that once he is done using the machine, you will be able to look up his browsing history and even blacklist any sites you wish him to avoid.

You will be able to view all this and tweak the settings of the user at For now, the feature is in Chrome’s beta channel and it will be a while before Google launches its final version. Even if you don’t have a Chromebook, you can try out the beta feature on Chrome beta for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Source: Chrome

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