Google Released Chrome 25, Fixes Total 22 Flaws

Earlier, we reported that search giant Google‘s web browser Chrome 25 will arrive with SSL search encryption by default. The good news is the search giant has released Chrome 25 last Thursday that fixes 22 vulnerabilities and many more.

Google Chrome

Earlier versions of Google Chrome could install Add-ons silently. But, Chrome 25 has come up with new security features that block silent installations of add-ons. In other words, it automatically disables third-party add-ons that are installed on the fly. Chrome 25 can patch 22 vulnerabilities of which 9 flaws were of high, 8 were of medium and 5 were of low risks.

Users can approve a silent-installed extension by clicking a button in the dialog box that appears when Google Chrome blocks the add-on. On the other side, web developers can trigger Add-on install from their URL using “inline installation.” Besides, Chrome 25 is included with the Web Speech API (Application Programming Interface) that lets website and Web app developers add speech recognition features in their creations.

Google has created a dictation demonstration of the Web Speech API that users can try out with Chrome 25. Users can download Chrome 25 from Google’s website. Active users can simply let the automatic updater retrieve the new edition.

Source: Google Chrome (Blog)
Thanks To: Computer World

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