Apple Released iTunes 11.0.3, Features MiniPlayer, Multi-disc Albums And More

On February 19 afternoon, Apple released iTunes 11.0.2 that came with a new Composer view for music, improved responsiveness when syncing playlists with a large number of songs, and many other features. Lately around three months later, Apple has released a new version of iTunesiTunes 11.0.3, that comes with a couple of unexpected new features including multi-disc albums and more.

iTunes 11.0.3

The version 11.0.3 includes a new MiniPlayer, an improved songs view, and finally support for multi-disc albums along with some bug fixes. Apple introduced its new MiniPlayer in iTunes version 11. iTunes 11.0.3 has a new “beautiful view that showcases your album artwork” as well as a progress bar viewable right from the MiniPlayer. The new view for MiniPlayer can also be expanded to show an entire playlist.

iTunes version 11.0.3 also include the ability to view multi-disc albums as a single album and “performance improvements when searching and sorting large iTunes libraries.”

Users can download the latest version of iTunes 11.0.3 directly from Apple’s Software Download Page. Mac users can download this 187.50MB MB update by clicking “Updates” tab in the Mac App Store.

Source: Apple

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