Apple Offers Find My Mac For Developer

Apple offers Find My Mac for beta testing and the time is coming soon for the Find My Mac feature to provide a highly sought after sigh of relief, Find My iPhone-style. Apple has released the software into the wild for registered iOS devs with the only other requirements being OS X Lion and an iCloud subscription and by using WiFi networks to locate your missing appendage via a web browser or iOS device, the location tool offers you a number of anti-theft options and also you will able to send a threatening message, lock down the machine remotely or even wipe the machine’s drive clean………………..


The feature that will let Mac owners remotely keep an eye on the location of their computer has gone live on the developer testing version of Apple’s and developers with pre-release versions of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 are getting access to an iCloud feature that lets them both track and also remotely secure their computer. Find My Mac was officially added to Lion in Developer Preview 4, released after WWDC in June, though evidence of the feature had leaked in prior releases. Find My Mac is very similar to Find My iPhone, only because the Mac has no GPS functionality, it seems likely the feature relies solely on nearby Wi-Fi networks to determine the computer’s location. Once it finds the lost Mac, users can send a message, remotely lock the screen, or even wipe out the entire drive. Find My Mac may launch this fall with the general release of iCloud. Apple included it in a developer preview build of Lion just ahead of the operating system’s public release and the new function mimics the ace Find My iPhone feature, which aims to prevent data from your phone getting into the wrong hands and also a nifty way to get hold of your blower after you’ve dropped it on a hazy night out.





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