[Free Download] Apple Releases Custom Font Depicting All The Mac Models

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Apple’s Mac has turned 30 and the company has been celebrating the occasion with numerous gestures. Apple has now released a custom font depicting all the Mac models, as part of the celebration. The font can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Custom Mac font

This January, Mac turned 30. The journey has been very significant for Apple because initially it was Mac that established Apple as a notable brand in the tech industry. So as a tribute to the Mac line-up, Apple has created an all new site called ‘Apple – Thirty Years of Mac‘.

Visitors looking up the site have discovered that the company has left an easter egg for the users. It is a custom font that covers the entire 30 years history of Mac machines by depicting every single model in a very elegant, small icon. Naturally, the font can’t be used during the normal course of typing on a text editor.

Rather, you will have to copy and paste different models from it, if you wish to use them elsewhere. The best way to use the font is to open it in OS X Font Book and copy the individual models from there. It is nothing extra-ordinary but for avid Mac fans, this is certainly a treasure not to be missed.

You can download the font here.

Source: Apple
Courtesy: TechCrunch

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