Apple Releases Firmware Update To Address Mac Mini Display Flickers

The 2012 Mac Mini have been around for barely a few weeks, being released in November. However, users are already reporting that these devices register flickering displays. Apple has now dished out a firmware update to resolve this problem.

2012 Mac Mini

The issue, as reported by multiple users on the web, was that when a display is used with a 2012 Mac Mini, it starts flickering, turning black and then back to normal over and over again.

The problem was driver-based and so, it is understandable that Apple would try to patch it through a software update. Intel was tasked with handling the graphics of the new Mac Mini. Apple used Intel’s integrated HD 4000 graphics in these devices.

It was later rumored that certain Intel personnel stated that the problem of flickering displays was driver-based. The company didn’t officially confirm the rumor, though. Apple has now released a proper firmware update which may go on to modify the drivers as well as carry other updates for the Mac Mini.

The firmware update is sized at a mere 4.53MB, and it is available for download directly through Software Update. However, if you wish to manually prompt the download, you can head on straight to the Apple Support page and lay your hands on it.

Courtesy: CNET

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