Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 Build 11D36 For Developers

Apple has released the latest build of it’s Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3  to developers for testing. This latest build is called 11D36. According to the release notes of the build, Apple claims it has no known issues and the focus areas are iCloud, Mail, Safari, iCal, Spotlight and Address Book. Given below are the links to download the latest build from.

Mac’s OS X Lion is the first OS by Apple which deals with ‘delta’ versions. A delta version means that you get to have only the ‘changes’ that have occurred in the new build and don’t necessarily have to download the full build. Roughly, it’s the equivalent of ‘Windows updates’ by Microsoft. Mac OS users who don’t want to entirely re-install the OS or, due to space problems or internet connectivity issues, can opt for the smaller ‘delta’ version rather than the entire build.

So Apple has released both the delta version as well as the ‘combo’ version of this latest build. The delta version has a total size of 986.68 MB whereas the entire combo version has a total size of 1.25 GB.

The last version of Apple’s OS, the Mac OS 10.7.2, was released in October. One of the major changes in this version was that it included support for iCloud.

Apple’s previous build, which was termed 11D33 was released in mid-November this year, so this update comes fairly quickly. To download this latest build, you can click here.

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