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Agile Bits has released version 3.9 of 1Password, its popular identity management app for OS X and the new release includes several enhancements and a few new features, the biggest news is that 1Password 3.9 is a Lion-only application, so users of pre-10.7 versions of OS X will have to stick with 3.8, is also built using a 64-bit architecture for maximum performance. 1Password is priced at US$39.99 through the AgileBits Web site and is temporarily on sale for $19.99 through the Mac App Store…………

Finally, 1Password the online password and identity companion’s company has release a Mac OS X Lion version if the App and 1Password 3.9 is a Lion-only application, so users of pre-10.7 versions of OS X will have to stick with 3.8. 1Password now sports a System Menu icon that can be used to control several aspects of the app without having to bring the program it to the foreground. The menu bar icon is not meant to replace 1Password’s existing browser extensions; instead, the two are meant to work hand-in-hand with future updates to the extensions being released separately. The move to Lion has also opened the door to a few enhancements that are specific to Apple’s newest desktop operating system. For example, 1Password can now run in full-screen mode, and uses a stricter security model to keep user data safe. ith version 3.9, 1Password also makes its debut on the Mac App Store, which, according to a company spokesman, will become the app’s exclusive distribution method going forward. Unfortunately, this has forced Agile Bits to introduce several changes in the way the software works in order to complain with Apple’s App Store rules. For example, 1Password can now only interact with Dropbox under very specific circumstances and features a number of limitations on the locations in which it can store its files and the ways it can back up its data.



  • Use multiple Logins for the same site
  • Create multiple Identities for filling into registration forms, surveys, and shopping carts
  • Securely sync your data data over-the-air between Macs, iPhones, and iPads with Dropbox, or locally over Wi-Fi
  • Store other sensitive information in Secure Notes
  • Save software licenses and receipts
  • Organize everything with tags and folders
  • Full-Screen mode
  • Better security with Sandboxing
  • Even better security with PBKDF2 Calibration
  • 64-bit support for a zippy experience
  • New Quick access to your data from the menu bar
  • Improved support for browser extensions



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