FireCore Introduce Media Player 0.7 For Apple TV

FireCore has just announced of the release of Media Play 0.7 for the Apple TV. And the good news is there is another major update to Media Player for the 2nd gen AppleTV. The Version 0.7 adds a number of exciting new features especially for the users outside the US and resolves a number of pesky bugs. So a solid update moves us forword one step a head to the final version. There are alot major updates in the Media Play 0.7. Checkout bellow what’s new in the Media Play 0.7.

What’s new in Media Player 0.7?
● Added new playback menu (hold select during playback)
● Added support for .srt subtitles
● Added support for multiple audio tracks
● Added support for chapters
● Added support for localized metadata
● Added support for local cover art
● Added option to refetch metadata for a specific file
● Added option to clear all metadata
● Added toggle setting for volume control
● Improved metadata fetching (courtesy of
● Improved progress bar controls
● Improved DVD playback and ff/rw controls
● Improved audio track selection logic
● Resolved aspect ratios issues for certain video types
● Resolved file browsing related crashes
● Resolved metadata fetching related crashes
● Resolved audio queue related errors
● Resolved Top Shelf related playback issues
● Resolved playback related memory leaks
● Minor UI improvements
● Many other miscellaneous fixes

You can get Media Play 0.7 by navigating to your Maintenance then Manage Extras menu on a jailbroken AppleTV with aTV Flash (black) installed. For more visit

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