Want To Buy A MacBook Pro With Retina Display? Think Again

When Apple introduced its first 15.4-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display In last June, consumer enthusiasm was high despite a high price tag. The product seemed to be a reflection of Apple’s reputation on quality and innovation. Little did consumes knew that the enthusiasm of many will die off once they start using the product.

Retina MacBook Pro

The 9to5mac blog has compiled a list of widespread issues relating to Retina MacBook Pro that Apple is failing to sufficiently address. These issues haven’t received widespread coverage in the press and media, but they’re driving off customers to other brands.

The Issues

The most widely received complain on Retina MacBook Pro is about its display performance. Apparently, Apple has procured these displays from two major vendors – LG and Samsung. The LG Retina displays have been reported to cause burn-in or ghosting on the device’s display. The Samsung-made Retina displays don’t cause this issue, but they’re not free of significant glitches. These issues and the difference in performance of these displays are affecting buying experience of customers. The most recent outburst of user discontent is a class action lawsuit in California.

The new 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro is not free of issues either, and these are not limited to burn-in issues. Users have reported graphics related performance issues, as well as problems related to fans and significant battery life reduction.

Users of 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro also reported image retention issues, fan speed issues, and more.

The Communication Gap

So far, Apple has failed to address these issues – both to its employees and to its customers. The retail employees working at Apple stores have been reported to be in the dark about most common Retina MacBook Pro issues. Most of the time, employees couldn’t even address the issues caused by LG and Samsung displays. Some customers have reported to have received multiple replacements for their devices because the retail employees couldn’t address the issues effectively. Read about one particular customer’s experience.

I purchased my Retina Macbook Pro in November 2012 (2.6Ghz / 16GB / 512GB) and within 14 days the trackpad failed, took it into my local Apple Store where they ordered a new top cover and was told they would fit it within 3 days for me as it was in constant use.

The next day I had a call saying they have replaced the cover however for reasons unknown to them the Mag Safe had now failed and they were unable to power on the machine and recommended that a replacement machine was ordered.

When the replacement arrived it took a total of 3 weeks however the machine that arrived was the classic Macbook Pro rather than Retina, so another machine was ordered, when this arrived there was issues that the fans would spin up randomly and repeatedly when downloading a larger (200MB+) file, contacted Apple Care again to which they agree’d this wasn’t right and another replacement machine was ordered, this is now my fourth machine, It was also promised that Apple would be in touch regarding compensation for this, however to this day nothing has happened.

To cut a very long story short this has been going on now since November totalling 9 Replacement machines all with the same Fan Issue, hours of time on the phone to Apple Care, hours spent on the phone to ‘Higher Level Management’ until eventually an SMC update was released that solved the issue, on the last call to ‘Higher Management’ I was offered a Free Charger …. which was obviously laughable! Im still yet to receive any compensation at all.

Apple is equally failing to inform its consumers. The class action lawsuit that was filed in California points out this issue. The complaint said, “The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina display as a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market.”

These problems and the gap in communication is driving customers to other brands.

What is Apple Doing?

Is Apple handling these problems quietly? It is definitely not very vocal about the issues.

Last week, Apple released a software update for its 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro that tried to resolve some of the issues related to graphics performance, fan speed and more. However, some these problems are still prevalent.

Then, what should Apple do now? People who are paying a hefty amount to get the Retina MacBook Pro will definitely be disappointed if Apple doesn’t handle the issues effectively. And, that won’t be good for Apple as a brand.

Thanks to: 9to5mac

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