What’s New in Mac OS X Lion?

With the release of the second Developer Preview of Mac OS X Lion, several blogs have posted about it’s new features and changelog. The new build of Mac OS X Lion implements a more in-depth iPad-like experience in Mac OS X iCal application.

With the new look, Apple has given the experience to the user of a desktop calendar with a leather binding on the top of the calendar. Also, like the iPad core app, it presents with animations, such as pages tearing off, to give a more intimate, realistic experience.

Lion introduces a brand new multi-user screensharing system to switch option very fast.

It will be possible to log into a computer with his own account while another account is currently managing and using the machine; the “remote user” will still see his desktop environment, all his files and applications.
This is a very good solution to control the Mac of your friend when you are not beside him!

Reports are also confirming that iChat has also receive a bit of a makeover as Cupertino has changed the software to consolidate all the configured services. Before this, iChat typically displayed the members of different services in different windows. Although Apple has finally built in a unified buddy list into their chat software, add-ons to the current software, such as Chax, can bring together all your services into one window.

As of right now, Mac OS X Lion is still in the working stages. Apple software notes list a number of defects and developers continue to report issues in the software.


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