OS X Yosemite: Apple Brings Desktop Closer To iOS, Available For Free

Apple has been trying to bring its mobile and desktop platforms closer for a while now. With the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple is finally taking a huge stride towards that goal. The new version of OS X packs stunning design elements and features from iOS.

OS X Yosemite iOS sync

A major design overhaul of the OS X platform was long due. It was expected that Apple would bring many features and the looks from its iOS platform to its desktop machines. With Yosemite, this strategy finally seems visible. The best thing about this new version is that it integrates very seamlessly with the iOS, meaning that users can now transfer data and connect the iOS devices with OS X machines very smoothly.

The key upgrade are the looks which come with vivid, new color schemes. Apple has dropped the use of gradients in Yosemite design and the looks are very similar to what we’ve seen in iOS 7.

One of the best new features that come courtesy of OS X 10.10 is iCloud Drive service. This is essentially a desktop-based portal into all your iCloud data. You can access all the files in your iCloud account from the Finder file browser. You can further sort these files into folders and organize them with perfect ease. Moreover, this data can be synced across more Macs and Windows machines. Users can also use the iCloud account to attach larger-than-usual files in the emails.

OS X Yosemite iOS sync

The revamp of AirDrop in Yosemite is where Apple really brings together iOS and OS X. AirDrop now supports quick and easy transfer of files between iOS and OS X machines in real time. For instance, if you are editing a document on OS X, you can transfer it to your iOS device and continue editing it.

All these changes reveal the chief motive behind the new OS X version: Apple’s desire to merge its desktop and mobile platforms while aesthetically improving their look and feel. OS X Yosemite will be made available to existing users for free later this year. But public beta is already available – visit this page –

Source: Apple

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