BlackBerry Confirms Support For Android Apps In Q10

The BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 are the two new BlackBerry smartphones unveiled at the BlackBerry 10 event on January 30, 2013. The Blackberry Z10 was launched with tens of thousands of apps, and some of those were Android ports. Blackberry’s upcoming Q10 will also have the same support, as per a blog post on BlackBerry Developer blog.


The blog post confirmed not only developers can port Android apps onto the Q10, but existing ports for devices like the Z10 and Playbook can also be brought onto the Q10 as well. As for adjusting the interface to Q10’s screen, the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps has a built-in screen manager. It is used to scale the application to the screen size of the device to build the app specific to the device to ensure it looks presentable to end-users.

Source: BlackBerry

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