Check Out BlackBerry 10 OS On Your iPhone Or Android Devices

Do you know that there’s a way to “previewBlackBerry 10 on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Yes, it’s possible and is quite simple to get even a small preview of the Canadian mobile manufacturer BlackBerry‘s (formerly know as Research in Motion) new mobile operating system. And all it takes is an iOS or Android mobile browser in order to do the trick.

BlackBerry Smartphone

Blackberry has released a page which replicates the BlackBerry 10 user interface on Apple’s iPhone and various devices running Android operating system. The BlackBerry 10 preview allows users to check out some of the main BlackBerry 10 features such as BlackBerry Hub, BBM videos chat and camera functionality.

First go to, which will provide users with a quick walkthrough of BlackBerry 10’s new features and other basics of the platform. This walkthrough includes tutorials on “How to navigate the operating system itself,” “How to operate BlackBerry 10’s new Hub feature and predictive keyboard,” and “How to use features such as BBM Video, Screen Share and Time Shift for the rear camera.”

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The BlackBerry walkthrough page will guide users with arrows and dots corresponding to where to tap or which gestures to use for certain features. The tutorial is a convenient way of showing iPhone and Android users about what the basics of BlackBerry 10 look like on a mobile device.

Source: BlackBerry OS
Thanks To: CNET

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