Firefox OS Becomes Faster, Runs On Better Hardware Now

Firefox OS may be far from being a contender in the smartphone arena but the Mozilla team has been quietly and consistently building it. A number of vendors have unveiled Firefox OS devices at MWC this year, showing significant improvements.

ZTE Open C

For now, Firefox OS is not exactly a profitable enterprise. But the good thing about it is that it is still in the process of being built and many hardware partners are ready to bet on it. As a result, Mozilla team keeps improving the OS and packing better, newer features while the hardware vendors keep coming up with better handsets to test the improvements on.

This year, many vendors have come up with their Forefox OS offerings at the Mobile World Congress. Among these are three new smartphones and a Fire 7 tablet from Alcatel, and Open C and Open II phones by ZTE.

ZTE Open

Compared to last year’s Firefox OS handsets, these new smartphones are stunningly fast. They have absolutely no input lag, have far better, higher-resolution displays. And they can open apps without registering any issues. You can now access the websites using the Firefox browser on these devices.

Higher resolution display of Firefox OS handsets has given them better looks this year. Notable among these is the Open C handset from ZTE which packs a fairly decent display. Of course it isn’t exactly a contender for other high-resolution handsets in the Android or iOS arena, but it is a huge improvement over previous Firefox OS models.

Fire 7 tablet

Mozilla has been successful in forging partnerships with many vendors even before its OS is ready to be financially promising. The company is aiming for lofty goals such as $25 smartphones and entities like Telefonica are backing up the platform despite this. If Firefox OS keeps on improving and support from hardware vendors stays, it may well be a very significant player in the mobile arena in the coming days.

Courtesy: The Verge

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