Google Now Widget In The Works, Support Page Reveals

Google Now is currently a part of Google’s search app for the mobile devices. However, there are hints that the company is planning on dishing out an independent, stand-alone Google Now widget for Android users.

Google Now

The hints were found in a support document that was posted on Google’s website and was quickly removed later. The document revealed that the search giant is currently working on a Google Now widget which will be made available to Android 4.1 and 4.2 users soon.

Google Now conventionally packs a whole host of functionality. It provides you updates about the weather, travel information, sports news and a lot more. Until now, Google Now has been a part of the regular Google search app. But if Google launches a Google Now widget, it can entice a lot of users.

Google Now widget

According to the leaked documents, the outlook of the widget would be such that it is divided into three parts. One part shows travel information such as the estimated time left to your destination; a smaller portion shows weather updates where the third section brings you breaking stock market news.

We are surmising that if indeed Google rolls out such a widget, it would provide users with the option of tweaking the widget so that they can get news of their own liking in the aforementioned three sections.

Courtesy: The Unlockr

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