Leaked Video Shows HTC Ville

One of the most anticipated releases by HTC is HTC Ville. While HTC is originally expected announce the release of HTC Ville at Mobile World Congress this year, a video of the said device has leaked which shows the device being put together. One of the high-points of this device is that is is rumoured to be quite thin, less than 8 mm. That, naturally, has aroused the curiosity of the users. The leaked video is posted below.

The specs of HTC Ville, as per the rumours, include a 4.3-inch dual-core handset and a metal body. The overall appearance of the device is said to be similar to that of HTC sensation except the vital difference that it is thinner.

The video that allegedly shows HTC Ville is from France and runs for well over 3 minutes, showing HTC Edge from all angles.

Another device that is expected from HTC soon is HTC Edge, which will be equipped with a quad-core processor and a 4.7inch 720p display. Both these devices are expected to be seen publicly at the MWC scheduled by the end of February.

Image courtesy und8info.

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