HTC Reveals Future Plans Regarding Android 4.1 Updates

A lot of Android users with devices using older iterations of Android OS have been waiting to get a Jelly Bean update. However, not many companies have clearly stated which of their devices will get Android 4.1 update and which won’t. HTC has now launched a FAQ page addressing the concerns of its customers regarding Android Jelly bean update.

The FAQ page doesn’t supply exact dates as to when the company plans to roll out the much-anticipated update to its devices. However, HTC does tell which devices will be lucky enough to get the update and which won’t.

At the top of the list, naturally, are HTC One X and HTC One S. Both are recent releases by the Taiwanese smartphone-maker and have been touted as high-end smartphones, packing some powerful hardware. So no surprises there.

On the other hand, One V and Desire C have to take this with a grain of bitterness that their devices wouldn’t be getting the Jelly Bean update. That’s simply because Jelly Bean requires more than 512 MB of RAM to give its best whereas both these devices don’t fulfill this requirement.

The good news, though, is that HTC is not abandoning One V and Desire C users and will be releasing software updates and fixes for these devices for a foreseeable future.

As for the other devices, HTC says that it is yet to decide about them and will soon announce which of them will be lucky enough to get into the Jelly Bean fold.

Source: HTC
Courtesy: CNET

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