HTC Thunderbolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover Become Available Now At Verizon Stores

HTC’s Thunderbolt as Solid may be from a software perspective, its battery life has proven to be less than striking. The Wireless Charging Battery Cover for the HTC Thunderbolt first showed up back in April, but just like the multimedia dock we’ve been stuck without it. The good news is that it’s looking like you can walk into a Verizon store this weekend and pick one up, however that may be your only option for purchase.

There’s no mention of when we’ll see the hopefully convenient accessory pop up on Verizon’s website, but at least it’s out there somewhere for those willing to look. For whatever the reason is, we do not get it listed in Verizon’s online store at this time. Cost is $29.99, but don’t forget that you’ll need the charging pad which is available for $69.99.

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