Huawei Plans To Unveil ‘Fastest Smartphone Yet’ At MWC – Reports Of ‘Diamond’ Series Smartphones

Huawei attracted the attention of many when it unveiled the sleekest smartphone in US at CES 2012. The smartphone is ultra-thin and ultra-fast and tools Android 4.0. It is among the fastest smartphones yet. It will be released later this year, so be ready for some really awesome smartphones from Huawei. But wait, that’s not it. With Mobile World Congress coming, Huawei is gearing up to unveil some other extra-ordinary smartphones. It is expected that we may see some quad-core smartphones at the launch and rumors have it that they will be part of the ‘Diamond’ series.

There have definitely been a lot of rumors about the upcoming Huawei devices. And apparently, Huawei is well aware of them. In it’s official invitation to the launch at MWC, the company writes, “You’ve heard the rumours…Now see for yourself as Huawei Device takes a leap into the future of mobile communications to unveil their fastest smartphone yet.’

The term ‘fastest smartphone yet’ is very meaningful. Huawei already unleashed devices with dual-core 1.5 GHz processors at CES 2012. And it seems what the company will unveil at MWC will be taking things a notch even higher! One thing that can definitely accomplish this is the inclusion of a quad-core processor in a device and we are certainly expecting Huawei to do just that.

The invitation concludes with the following ¬†words, “We look forward to showcasing how beautiful speed can be and celebrating a new era of innovation for you.’ Again, let me point out, the emphasis is on ‘speed.’ So lets rest assured that what Huawei will unleash at MWC will be really, really fast, something much more faster than a dual-core 1.5 Ghz processor! There have been rumors that the devices that Huawei shows at MWC will be part of the ‘Diamond’ series. So naturally, they have to be the best.

With the launch of these devices, Huawei may gear up to become a major contender in North America. Already, the device it unveiled at CES 2012 are exceptionally awesome, at par with the leading Android smartphones. And so, the company may stand a real chance as a successful contender in the world of smartphones.

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