RIM Introduce BlackBerry World 3.0 Beta Features Home Screen Search And Social Media

A beta version of BlackBerry World 3.0 available to betazone testers. The new version of RIM’s application store has been revised heavily, and features home screen search, social media. The home screen search let you quickly find what BlackBerry app, game or theme you’re looking for. Here you can also flick between app summaries, screenshots, and reviews from one screen, and share links to your favorite apps over Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and BBM.


New top-level channels in BlackBerry App World. Games and BlackBerry Themes are our two most popular categories, so we’ve promoted them to the Home Screen. Within these new channels, you’ll find another carousel of Spotlight Banners for featured apps, sub categories, and top 25 lists. Each month, you’ll find a fresh list of the best in BlackBerry apps, games and themes.

BlackBerry World 3.0 is available for free for registered betazone members. RIM do not share any information about when it might be available to the general public.
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