Apple Says 74% Of App Store Users Running iOS 7

Earlier we reported that within 48 hours of being released, 32% iOS users started to use iOS 7. Lately, Apple has updated its developer website for the iOS App Store to show the distribution of devices on different versions of iOS. According to Apple, 74% of App Store customers are now using iOS 7.

Number Of iOS 7 User

When iOS 6 was released, within first two days of its availability, iOS 6 adoption was 24.7%. And now, 22% of App Store customers are using iOS 6. In comparison, within first two days of its availability, iOS 7 adoption was 32%. In October, 64% of App Store customers were using iOS 7. But now, the number of using iOS 7 has increased to 74%. That means, a total of 96% App Store customers are now using two most recent versions of iOS, iOS 6 and iOS 7.

No doubt,  this vast adoption of iOS 7 within a very short time happened because of the plethora of new improvements and features that have been included in iOS 7. For the wild adoption of iOS 7, credit also goes to Apple’s latest two iPhone – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

However, that kind of traction is great news for developers, since they can target the vast majority of active iOS users with less effort than if that distribution reflected earlier versions of the OS. In the case of iOS 7 specifically, however, since it’s so different from older versions of iOS, getting just about everyone into that big bucket of current version users becomes even more important.

Source: Apple

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