Smartphone Market Holds 51% In US For The First Time

Now a days smartphone makers are having a great competition among them. Every now and then, companies are announcing new smartphones. But still all the time, smartphone makers were lagged behind capturing the majority in U.S. But, according to‘s new report, for the first time, smartphone market has surpassed 50% in US. Details are inside.

Android is an Internet analytics company that measures the digital world. The company has revealed yesterday that Samsung is the top device maker and Google’s Android holds the position top for mobile OS. According to, from July 2012 to September 2012, 119.3 million people in the U.S. adopted smartphones. 75% of the new Android handsets and 26.9 million iOS units were shipped in Q3. However, 26% users adopted Samsung smartphone, 17.7% users adopted LG and 17.5% adopted Apple in this three months period. This massive adopting smartphones has helped the smartphone market in U.S. jumping up from 50% to 51% for the first time.

On the other side based on software, Google’s Android holds the first position with 52.5%, Apple in second with 34.3%, RIM in third with 8.4% and Microsoft in fourth with 3.6%. No doubt, this great success has come due to huge releases like Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Apple’s iPhone 5 and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 devices. Microsoft is hardly trying to replace RIM from third place and hold that position.

Source : comScore, Inc.

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