Microsoft Updates Windows Phone Demo, Gives You A More Personal Feel

If you are not a Windows Phone user and are considering the plan of switching to a WP handset, you should try out Microsoft’s web-based Windows Phone demo. The company has just updated the demo for Windows Phone 8, letting you enjoy a more personal mobile-simulation on your web browser.

Windows Phone demo

The idea is that you go to the demo, connect it with Facebook and see the live tiles on your Windows Phone home populate with your own personal content. This gives the user a more real feel of the simulation.

You can then browser to different sections, check out the messaging functionality, view photos and do a whole lot of other functions. Microsoft hopes that once you use the demo, you will really like it and it may sway your opinion in favor of Windows Phone.

The demo has been around for a while and the update brings some new changes to it, courtesy Windows Phone 8. Of course, the demo doesn’t let you do all the tasks that can possibly be done on a Windows Phone 8 handset. But still, it is meant to give you a quick feel of how the Windows Phone 8 smartphones work, and it serves that purpose fairly well.

To try your hands on the demo, visit the Windows Phone web demo page and link up your Facebook account to have some fun.

Source: WP Blog

Courtesy: Engadget

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