Mozilla Dishes Out Firefox OS 1.1, Brings Many New Features

Mozilla has been working hard on its mobile operating system, namely the Firefox OS. The team has now dished out a new update touted as Firefox OS 1.1. This update brings a whole plethora of new features to the platform. Details of these new features and other improvements are provided below.

Firefox OS

A number of Firefox OS handsets have already hit the shelves. Although these handsets are not yet commercially viable, we can overlook that because Firefox OS is more of a community project rather than one oriented towards profits alone.

The Mozilla team has now released Firefox OS 1.1 which comes with ‘hundreds of improvements’ as is claimed by the Mozilla blog.┬áSome of these improvements are listed below and you must view them in the context that Firefox OS is meant to run atop mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Notable improvements and new features:

MMS Support: For now, the Mozilla team seems focused on such features which are fairly essential for smartphone users. To this end, the team has now included MMS support in Firefox OS 1.1, allowing the users to send and receive both audio and video files through MMS.

Adaptive app search: There’s no denying the fact that the stock of apps available on the Firefox OS platform is very limited for now. However, the good thing is that the Mozilla team has made it easier for you to look up these apps by offering an adaptive app search service.

Push Notifications API: Timely notifications are used by many other mobile platforms. These notifications, used by developers to communicate with the apps, allow the users to save on battery consumption. The feature has now finally found its way to Firefox OS.

E-mail improvements: You can now save incomplete emails, or the ones typed when offline, as drafts. Moreover, you can also download audio and video attachments from an email with perfect ease.

Contact Management improvements: You can now import all your Gmail and Hotmail contacts to your Firefox OS handset. Moreover, you can add new contacts from call log or email simply by tapping the email or phone number listed there.

Music Search: This feature allows you to search for music based on artist, album or the song. All you need to do is swipe down when using the Music app and punch your query in the search bar that appears.

In all, Firefox OS 1.1 is an excellent improvement over the original version of the OS. The update will be available on current Firefox OS handsets as well as developer phones pretty soon.

The release goes on to show that the Mozilla team is working really hard on the platform and in the coming days, we may see Firefox OS grow to a similar popularity as Android. Mozilla team has revealed that many new Firefox OS handsets are due to hit the shelves soon. Interestingly enough, carriers are taking a keen interest in the new platform.

Source: Mozilla

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