Mozilla Launches The Third Version Of Simulator For Firefox OS

Mozilla team has apparently been working hard on its Firefox OS. The company lifted the wraps off its mobile OS only recently and has already pushed out two versions of the simulators. Now, the team has rolled out Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

Firefox OS rotation simulation

The simulator is essentially meant to let the users have an idea of the operating system’s functionality and its feel. It runs in Firefox browser as an extension. Any user who accesses the web via Firefox on Windows, Linux or OS X can fire it up online and get a hands-on feel of the upcoming Firefox OS.

Version 3.0 of the simulator packs a number of new features. For instance, it brings a Push to Device option on board. With this option, users can push apps installed from one Firefox OS device to another, simply via a USB connection. Moreover, the new version also comes with rotation-simulation, which is fairly cool.

The other new features that the Mozilla team has added to Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 are a new version of Gaia which is the user interface, and geolocation API.

If you wish to try your hands on the new version of the simulator, you can do so by visiting this page. The new version is listed as r2d2b2g and is functional.

Source: Mozilla

Courtesy: CNET

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