Nokia Buys Norwegian Company – Smartphone

Nokia has plans to take things a notch higher as the competition in the smartphone market gets fiercer. Apparently, Nokia now wants to spare some powerful resources for it’s non-smartphone cellphones and then concentrate on the smartphones more. In a bid to do this, Nokia has purchased a Norwegian company, Smartphone. Smartphone deploys a very efficient OS that gives a functionality which is quite like that of smartphones.

One of the major incentive for Nokia in purchasing this company is that it may use Smartphone’s OS capabilities in making it’s own smartphones better. According to the reports, this take-over had already taken place in November last year but was closely guarded until now. Nokia decided to announce the take-over in 2012.

Smartphone will be used by Nokia to work on non-smartphone devices. These include feature-phones as well as the regular cell phones. Another speculation is that Nokia will use the resources of Smartphone to revive it’s Symbian Platform. If that is the case, we can also expect that eventually, some of the top features used by Smartphone may also find their way into Nokia’s series of Windows Phone devices, the latest of which is Nokia Lumai 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

In fact, it seems very probable that Nokia will use this new purchase to push it’s Windows Phone devices to success. Nokia is already hailing these devices as it’s latest trademark smartphones and with the stake of Microsoft invested in it, neither of them can let these devices become a failure.

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